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               ABU ATIF Furniture is a complete lifestyle destination showcasing a wide range of home furniture, furnishings and accessories at its flagship Outlet situated at Afzal Plaza J.S Bank Building 1st floor High Street Sahiwal Pakistan, in a purpose built double floor Display facility.


ABU ATIF FURNITURES was set up in year 2010 and has never looked back since. Within five years we have gained a remarkable standing, because we firmly believe in Product Quality and Quality Service, which is portrayed through our modern and innovative designs of furniture.  we are setting new standard of excellence in the field of wood working in sahiwal. While enjoying the largest showroom space and a spacious and state of the art workshop housing the best craftsmen available in the vicinity. ABU ATIF FURNITURES never shied away from experimenting in the craftsman’s ship and new designs. Our expertise includes.

  1. Made to order furniture where you can get the furniture made according to your needs and demands.
  2. Ready made Furniture where you can pick and choose the highest quality furniture already placed in display for your kind viewing.
  3. An exclusive service that we offer is that you can bring your own design and we can get this made in our workshop where we guarantee craftmans ship and durability.


Our motto best describes our mission “ MODREN LIVING COST LESS!

We strive to provide our customers the best quality at the most competitive prices. Modern design and durabilty  are our main focus when providing services to our customers and we make this happen with our state of the art well equipped workshop facilities spread over 2500 square feet fitted with the latest imported and local machinery.our team of well trained professional craftmens are well versed in the art of wood carving, cutting, splicing, laminated and finishing are known for their devotion to superior quality and service.

We work only with the best of local and imported raw materials which is chiseled and molded as per the customer need. The  Display center is located at Afzal Plaza J.S Building 1st floor High Street Sahiwal   and is easily accessible to our clients from everywhere.

In case of inquires please do not hesitate to contact us at :

 Afzal Plaza J.S Building 1st floor High Street Sahiwal

 Contact no:

Haji Afzal: 03129873473

Atif Afzal: 03457505050